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Humbling, inspiring and energizing! 👏

Regardless of your relationship with Indigenous cultures and their role in shaping the world we live in today, this is a must listen! Frank does an incredible job weaving together the insights learned from generations of ecological harmony through each conversation. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

A refreshing podcast

Frank is able to bring to light so many cultures and individuals I would otherwise not know about. It’s refreshing to hear the candid interviews that showcase how important our indigenous communities are in teaching the world about the importance of being committed to sustainable practices. I love this podcast!

Fun and educacional

I enjoy this interesting fun podcast. It is great to get to know these young leaders

Frank Simply Cares

No matter the subject, you can hear Frank’s passion in his voice. All while educating he takes us on journeys beyond the places that we are familiar with.

Well made, articulated, and great messages

This podcast truly continues to get better in a way that feels highly produced with storytelling to keep you engaged the whole time. Truly appreciate this show and enjoy being a subscriber!

Love it! So authentic and informative, and thought-provoking.

This podcast is fascinating and educational. I love how Frank finds people from various indigenous tribes across the globe and gives them a voice to share their wisdom and how important it is to connect with our planet and take good care of it. I also like how he shares their authentic stories in their language and translates them for us. I am sure it must be a lot of work to find people who can translate these languages so well. Wow! It makes you wonder, has the majority of our civilization lost its way?

Amazing Podcast

The Indigenous Earth podcast is an amazing platform that elevates and explores the voices of those who have for so long been silenced or neglected for so long. These are the voices, stories, and perspectives that are so critical to listen to during these trying times. If you love this planet, the people on it and our relationship to it, this is the podcast for you! Check it out.

A Remarkable Journey Walked by Your Ears

Each episode is a delight. Frank has a remarkable gift to clearly explore the stories and history of our neighbors, while celebrating their differences through shared experiences. Subscribe, plug-in, and take a walk around the world.


Our indigenous peoples always valued living in harmony with nature, and is high time we listen to them and follow their examples.

Eye opening

This podcast brings you back to reality! The real reality. It’s a great way to feel connected with the earth and how we can help save it!

Thank you 🙏

This podcast is really amazing. It connects me to Mother Earth even more. Thank you Frankie for sharing and inspiring ♥️🌎

Pure Quality

I am happy Frank Weaver is doing this podcast. He has such a genuine passion for life and nature. He actually gets out there and participates in the things he talks about. At times, I find myself wanting to be better and more selfless seeing him share his time and attention towards nature.

Venn diagram

This podcast is in Venn diagram union of indigenous rights, social/environmental concerns, and current events.

A Great Start to a Beautiful Journey!

Can’t wait for the next episode.