5 Ways To Deepen Your Connection To The Earth with the Malama Challenge. Kaci from “Ka Lau O Ka Lahu


Many of us have lost our connection to the natural world, we walk with metaphorical rubber shoes, not aware of the impact of our footprints in the environment and to ourselves. This broken relationship numbs us to the awareness that our wellbeing is intertwined with the wellbeing of our planet. 
This is where “Malama” comes in. An important Hawaiian word, and a core philosophy from the people of Hawaii. Malama encompasses the way we approach and heal our torn connection the natural world.  In this episode of the show we will talk from Kaci from “Ka Lau O Ka Lahui”, an organization that inspires local Hawaiians with the tradition of Malama, with programs and activities designed to serve as a catalyst aiding community members to reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Kaci will share with us a moʻolelo, a story passed down trough generations about the Hawaiian creation story, so we can learn the meaning of Malama. 
Then Kaci is going to inspire us with the Malama Challenge,  5 easy ways on how we, too, can form a deeper connection to nature, to start the healing of the earth we live on, and ourselves! 
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“Ka Lau O Ka Lahui creates a welcoming, all-inclusive environment in which haumāna can come together and support one another in reconnecting to our ancestry and land. This work is primarily done through hands-on community service activities."
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