A fun and upbeat talk about good environmental news with Taylor Cheíí Begay.


Do feel drained by the endless negative news ?
 Do you want a break from dromscrolling news of ecological disasters, pollution of our waterways, and killer record high temperatures?
Then I have a great show for you. 
On this episode I will be talking to Taylor Cheíí Begay, who is going to bring a lot of joy wisdom, and energy into our podcast!
 Taylor will introduce himself on his Navajo language, and shares about his super popular talk show “the Taylor Cheii” where he uplifts and promotes Native American voices.  
We find out the origin of his nickname “Cheii” and if hot dog is a sandwich, but more importantly , we will talk about rights of nature. 
Right of nature laws are passing all over the world,  recognizing  how Indigenous cultures that always have shared on how nature is not meant to be like a fridge that we just take things from—but that we humans must live in harmony with nature, giving as much as we are taking. 
You going to love this episode!
Connect with Taylor Cheíí Begay, and catch every episode of “The Cheíí Show” on the link below:


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