Catching the Green Wave: Mentorship in Climate and Sustainability Careers


🎤 Catching the Green Wave: Mentorship in Climate and Sustainability Careers
🌳In this insightful episode of Indigenous, we dive deep into exploring personal values, mentorships, and actionable steps towards carving out a fulfilling career in the environmental sector. With Brooke Nez Wheeler and Daniel Hill as guests, the conversation is filled with valuable insights for those seeking to navigate the world of green jobs.
The episode starts with a profound discussion on the importance of identifying personal values to find fulfilling work. Here, Brooke highlights the significance of mentorships and provides practical advice for individuals at different stages of their career, be it in college or in the professional world.
The conversation shifts as we welcome Daniel Hill, Senior Manager with the Environmental Defense Fund and the creator of the #OpenDoorClimate initiative. He sheds light on the community of climate professionals volunteering their time to mentor individuals seeking careers in the environmental sector, providing an excellent resource for listeners.
Finally, the episode wraps up with a call to action, emphasizing the importance of every job becoming a climate job to address the pressing issue of climate change.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to make their mark in the environmental sector, be it students seeking guidance on their path, professionals contemplating a career shift towards sustainability, or anyone passionate about the environment and eager to make a difference. The shared wisdom, experiences, and resources offered in this episode provide a crucial road map for navigating the world of green careers.
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"Open Door Climate is a community of climate professionals volunteering to guide those interested in pursuing a climate or green job. It's about making the process easier and more accessible."
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