Connection to the ocean is ancient and essential for all humans - Earth Knowledge with Native Like W


🎤 Connection to the ocean is ancient and essential for all humans - Earth Knowledge with Native Like Water ’s Marc Chavez 
Mark Chavez, founder of Native Like Water, has been working to reconnect Indigenous youth with the oceans for the last two decades. In this episode of Indigenous Earth, he discusses the importance of looking within and connecting with nature to thrive. He also shares how his organization provides programs for both youth and adults that focus on Indigenous education and earth knowledge.
Marc Chaves shares some Earth Knowledge on us:
How the term “Native Like Water” reflects the idea that Indigenous people have a deep connection to the land and to nature, and how westernized education does not always take this connection into account.
On how we need to look at our bodies of water first when we think of water pollution, as we also are made of water, and how are we treating it. 
The importance of maintaining Indigenous traditions and connecting with nature. On how this is done through gatherings and ceremonies, which are important for communication and teach people about their heritage. 
The importance of both recognition and practice when it comes to being an ally to Native communities. Recognition is important because it is the first step to becoming an ally, and practice is important because it is how we can truly show our support. 
The power of nature, and how we are all connected to it in a pure way.
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“I like to call it Indigenous education. A.K.A  Earth education. It's earth knowledge, it's nature's law. There's nothing new that we come up with. It's just what happens when we follow or aim to Indigenize education” - Marc Chavez , Native Like Water