Exploring Personal Values to Kickstart a Green Career


🎤 Exploring Personal Values to Kickstart a Green Career
Are you ready to dive into the world of green careers and unleash your passion for sustainability? Join Brooke Wheeler-Nez, an Environmental Educator and I on a special episode of Indigenous Earth Community Podcast, where we soak up the energy of Florida's Kelly Park in Rock Springs, while chatting about exploring your personal values to kickstart a sustainable career. 
In this episode, we discuss:
The importance of uncovering personal values and passions for a fulfilling career.
How neuroscience and the subconscious mind play a role in our career choices.
Actionable tips for finding your path and kickstarting your green career.
Don't miss this exciting conversation with Brooke, and discover your own path to a sustainable and purpose-driven life. Let the soothing sounds of nature and water inspire your journey, and don't forget to catch Part 2 for even more insights and advice. 
Happy Earth Month! 
Connect with Brooke Wheeler-Nez, Diné (Kinyaa'áanii, Ta'neeszahnii) 
“Instead of seeking happiness in your career, you should ask the question, what is going to make me fulfilled?" – Brooke Wheeler-Nez
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