Following the Ancestors’ Call: Brooke Wheeler-Nez’s Education Journey


🎤 Episode 35 - Following the Ancestors' Call: Brooke Wheeler-Nez’s Education Journey
In this episode of Indigenous Earth, we have Brooke Wheeler-Nez, an Environmental Educator with the Bureau of Land management. Diné (Kinyaa'áanii, Ta'neeszahnii)  
In this episode, Brook will share her personal experience so it can guide you to:
1. Acknowledge your heritage and culture.
2. Listen to the voices of encouragement and support from those around you.
3. Take the necessary steps to further your education.
4. Pursue interests that you are passionate about.
5. Take risks and be open to new opportunities.
6. Make sure your career path aligns with your values and goals.
7. Find a way to give back to your community.
Brooke gives a lot of tactical advice in this episode, and you can connect with her on LinkedIn as she post a lot of great information and resources:
"Get an education. That is the only way you're going to help your people, because that's a huge value of mine that we were brought up to do is just to go back and help our communities and to also uplift myself, but also uplift my child" - Brooke Wheeler-Nez
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