From the concrete jungle to the Amazonian forest: Rescuing Indigenous Sounds with Antonio Teoli


On this episode we talk to Antonio Teoli from the Amazonic about:
The start of the Amazonic Project, where Antonio Teoli—an award-winning game composer and sound designer—lived in the Amazon for 4 years and fell in love with the culture and musicality and decided to rescue the instruments sounds to share with the world. 
Antonio tells us his fish out of water story, moving from the concrete jungle of São Paulo to the actual jungle of the amazon, pursuing his dream of making music for video games.
We hear about his love and admiration for his great grandmother a Brazilian Indigenous Woman who gave him the life gift of spirituality and connection to nature and the planet. 
We talk about the love that dogs can give to us, and how is important to rescue and protect street dogs, and how Antonio is using the funds from his Amazonic project to support stray dogs. 
 “ Recorded straight in the depths of the Amazon rainforest and on a studio located in the city of Manaus, upon months of a deep researching, we selected the main instruments that are part of the culture, religion and traditions of those who lives in the Amazon. With special attention to details, we captured every sound emitted by those instruments thus guaranteeing the creation of a powerful tool for composers and producers looking for a professional, emotional and spiritual sound to add on their music.”
Connect with Antonio and the Amazonic here:
IG: theamazonicaudio
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