Healing through art and traditional talking circles with Aboriginal Art Therapist Kabushka Ngemba


From the Murray–Darling river system, one of the largest in the world, and home to ancient fish traps, with a rich and deep culture is where my next guest Kabushka Ngemba comes from. 
Kabushka Ngemba is a very successful commissioned contemporary indigenous artist with a background in mental health and an ambassador for Australian First Nation arts & culture for both indigenous and non indigenous peoples by hosting art workshops.
We chat about how she discovered rocks in the river bed that inspired her to become an artist, using art to heal, grounding oneself with nature, and the culture and traditions of the Aboriginals of Australia. Kabushka hosts online and in person workshops on mob art therapy and dot art circle. 
"Learn all about the meaning of indigenous art, the stories behind each component and compose your own work of art, by the end of the session. Kabushka is a thoroughly entertaining storyteller, and passionate about sharing her incredible aboriginal culture with you, and with the world at large.
Kabushka Ngemba brings her humour, warmth and generous heart to share her time, knowledge and spirit through Indigenous Art as therapy."
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