Indigenous Knowledge Meets Western Science with Susan (Sue) Bell Chiblow


🎤 Indigenous Knowledge Meets Western Science with Susan (Sue) Bell Chiblow
🌳In this inspiring and thought-provoking episode, we're joined by Susan (Sue) Chiblow, an assistant professor at the University of Guelph in their new Bachelor's of Science in Indigenous Knowledge program. Susan shares her unique journey growing up on a reservation and how her deep connection to nature and traditional indigenous practices shaped her life and career.
Susan discusses the challenges and opportunities in working with indigenous knowledge and Western science side by side, as well as her experience working with traditional ecological knowledge elders, participating in water ceremonies, and the unique responsibilities that Anishinaabe women have with water and the natural world.
We delve into the importance of never forgetting one's heritage and the role of ceremony in guiding one's life and purpose. Susan also shares advice for non-indigenous listeners who seek to find their own life's purpose and the challenges faced when trying to bridge the gap between Western science and indigenous traditional practices and knowledge.
Susan give us the #WaterlessChallenge encouraging individuals and families to understand the source of their water and develop a deeper appreciation for this essential resource. Participants are challenged to:
Find out where their water comes from, whether it's from an underground river system, a lake, or elsewhere.
Raise awareness by creatively sharing the story of their water source, for example, by painting a water fountain or engaging in conversations with family and neighbors.
Go a day without water, which means no coffee, cooking without water, not flushing the toilet, not brushing teeth or showering, to truly understand the reliance on water.
Join us for this enlightening conversation and gain insights into the incredible potential that lies in the fusion of indigenous and Western sciences. Don't forget to leave a review and share this episode with a friend!
Connect with Susan (Sue) Bell Chiblow:
"When you're trying to figure out where your water comes from, that's a great conversation to engage family, neighbors, and children in understanding."
-Susan (Sue) Bell Chiblow
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