“The Whale Child” an Indigenous story of environmental stewardship written by Chenoa Egawa and Keith


We all know that the timeless Indigenous value of environmental stewardship is needed now more than ever and that we must all stand up on behalf of Mother Earth! 
I had a very good conversation with Indigenous authors Keith Egawa and Chenoa Egawa, about their book “The Whale Child” where they tell a story of the existing environmental issues with a message of hope, education, sharing, and action. 
If you are searching for an Indigenous story that can bring the complex topic of climate change to an younger audience in a warm and hopeful way, you are going to love to hear about “The Whale Child” and about the authors, who have spend their lives bringing positive change to their communities. 
Get a copy of the book and connect with the authors here:
I love this book so much, that I want to send a couple copy of the “The Whale Child” to listeners of our podcast!
Visit our website: indigenousearth.org and leave us a voicemail by hitting the mic icon. Give us your name, what part of the world you are listening from, and what has been the most interesting thing you have learned on our podcast. I will then choose randomly some of the listeners to get a copy of The Whale Child! 
The voicemail will be heard on future episodes, so leave us a message!
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