“Until the bear gets to tell the story, the hunter is always going to be the hero” Dr. Don Dexter, a


🎤 Episode 32 - Dr Don Dexter , Modoc member of the Klamath Tribes of Southern Oregon
In this episode of Indigenous Earth Community Podcast, we have Dr. Don Dexter, a Modoc storyteller. He will share his experience in pursuing higher education as an Indigenous person. He talks about the challenges of being the only one in his community who did so, and how he hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. He also discusses his upcoming documentary film about the Modoc War, and how the climate crisis is a existential crisis for Indigenous communities. Specifically, he talks about areas such as when Tule Lake, a significant part of the Modoc homelands, which has dried up.  Dr. Don will then will offer paradigm shifts on how to have a healthier planet by getting better sleep. 
 In this episode, you will learn: 
Indigenous people often blaze their own trail.
The tragedy of the Modoc War.
On how Indigenous people have unique perspectives on land stewardship.
Linear vs Circle way of living.
Live well to sleep well.
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Modoc: Endeaver to Persevere - Documentary by Dr Don 
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A clip from Dr Don upcoming documentary on Tule Lake drying : 
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“When you take indigenous people off the land, you put that land into a linear path, and you remove it from the circle (of life)” - Dr Don Dexter