Welcome to Indigenous Earth Community Podcast!


A great episode to start is Episode 21: "A poem for the Earth by an Indigenous Nahuatl Women Esmeralda Gonzales"
Welcome to Indigenous Earth Community Podcast
My name is Frank Oscar Weaver,  Growing up in Paraguay, I participated in many environmental projects with the Guarani People. Leading me to be initiated in a ritual called KUNUMI PEPY, a lip piercing ceremony.  Making me an official  member of the Pai Tavyteras . There I learn the Arandu Ka’aty, the traditional teachings of Earth Keeping.  
After I moved to the U.S I made many friends from different tribes and original habitants communities from all over the world, learning that every indigenous community also have similar traditions of protecting the planet. 
Now that the climate crisis is upon us, and our planet is changing, more then ever we need to listen to Indigenous communities who are at the forefront of climate resilience, and learn from them on how we can help heal the planet, and be more sustainable in our day to day life.
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