What Is Overshoot Day? How Can You Stop It? Overshoot Day with Sháán díín Cedar


July 29th came in just like another day
People went through their daily lives, like just another day... 
But after 155 days in 2021, we have reached Earth Overshoot day
(a day that marks the moment in time when demand for earth’s ecological resources exceeds what the planet can regenerate.)
And each year, this day comes in earlier and earlier...
Its halfway through the year, and humans have already surpassed what global resources can sustain in a single year
The lumber we can sustainably harvest, the fisheries we fish, the ore we mine, the pollution we put in our waters...
Our planet needs a break… 
Here’s how we can make a difference 
Think about our demand for stuff.
Is it necessary? 
Is it resource intensive? 
Can we shift your demand toward the “reuse” economy?
Advocate for initiatives that your employer can take. Ask:
Do we have a sustainability and equity commitment and are we actively executing on it?
How do we source our products? Are there alternatives?
How are we tracking and reducing our carbon footprint?
Show up at the ballot box.
Look up your local, state, and federal leadership and put the pressure on.
Support and elect leadership strong on climate and environmental justice.
Call, email, tag, tweet at your leaders. They see these messages. Have a relationship with your leaders and demand actions.
Hold them accountable, but also give praise where praise is due.
Engage at whatever level you can manage
This translates to pushing the overshoot date back and ultimately reestablishing ecosystem balance. 
Our planet needs us. 
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